Our Services

AEMI will tailor management services to meet the needs of your organization.
The following outlines some of the available services.

Governance & Leadership

AEMI provides strategic management, guidance and leadership to officers and directors. An all-in-one solution designed to ease the burden on volunteer leaders.

Financial Management

Volunteer leaders rightfully endeavour to ensure their organization is financially successful with sufficient revenue to meet their goals and member needs.

AEMI professionally manages your association’s finances with a full range of secure online financial services. We provide the knowledge and procedures to help organizations achieve their financial expectations. We provide financial oversight from budgeting and planning to audit preparation and financial statements.

Conference, Meeting & Event Management

AEMI designs memorable meetings, conferences, symposiums, galas, trade and consumer shows, educational programs, networking, and speciality events. From site selection, contract negotiations and program development to promotional and registration materials, our team of experts ensures that all project life cycle phases are completed on time and on budget.

Programs / Committees

AEMI excels at building networks of volunteer committees and assisting them to develop and execute successful programs. This includes arranging meetings, sending out notices and materials, tracking attendance, taking minutes, following up on action items. We actively recruit and cultivate volunteers.

Branding & Effective Communication

Our strategic approach increases awareness of your brand, clarifies your focus, and offers the opportunity to reach a much broader audience.

We strategically define your core message and create an interest in the minds of your audience. We make your brand communication actionable. Through integrated marketing strategies, we communicate your unique proposition value.

Certification & Accreditation

Accreditation verifies that an organization not only does quality work, but also has sound financial, administrative, operational, and oversight practices. Verification can inspire the confidence needed to support your organization as it continues to grow.

Membership Development & Engagement

There are two critical factors in successfully managing and growing any membership – acquiring and retention.

While it is essential to focus on growth strategies and attracting new members, the more significant challenge is member retention. This is achieved by creating value, delivering value, and capturing value.

The association captures tangible, monetary value when it is able to reduce the costs of creating value while maintaining the price.

Members find value when they receive products and services for a price lower than they would have been willing to pay, leading to increased loyalty and retention.

Technology, Website Development & Management

AEMI offers customized strategies for your virtual and hybrid needs. As technology becomes faster, more innovative, and more advanced, cutting edge digital and virtual offerings are essential to meet the needs of stakeholders. People join associations as a reliable and accessible platform for information, education, and business opportunities.

Marketing, Communications, Government & Media Relations

AEMI believes using the right communication channels to convey the right message delivers the greatest value to members. Communication must be strategic and transparent.