Peter Waite, Principal of AEMI, Elected as the Chair of AMCI Canada

Exciting News! We are thrilled to announce that Peter Waite, Principal of Association & Events Management International (AEMI), has been elected as the Chair of AMCI Canada! Congratulations, Peter!

Peter Waite’s appointment as the Chair of AMCI Canada is a testament to his exceptional leadership abilities and extensive provincial, national and global experience in the field of association and events management.

As a Principal at AEMI, Peter has consistently demonstrated his dedication to delivering exceptional results and driving innovation in the industry. His deep understanding of association management, coupled with his strategic vision, has enabled him to successfully navigate complex challenges and deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.

There is no doubt that under Peter’s guidance, AMCI Canada will continue to provide exceptional support, resources, and networking opportunities for association management companies across the country. Peter’s dedication to empowering association executives, coupled with his unwavering commitment to excellence, will undoubtedly inspire and uplift the association management community.

Please join us in congratulating Peter Waite on his appointment as the Chair of AMCI Canada. This is a well-deserved honour that recognizes his outstanding contributions to the sector.